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Bunkasai 2019

Autumn in Japan is a season for art. Then the students organize Bunkasai - cultural festivals. There is music, art, handicrafts, delicacies. Now we can feel such an atmosphere also in Warsaw!


During Bunkasai, we will present a rich program related to the culture of Japan and its art, made by many exciting and talented Japanese and Poles. There will be concerts and dance performances, films, lectures, craft techniques demonstrations, restaurants and shops, and various workshops for children and adults.


There will also be a collective exhibition inspired by the aesthetics and Japanese technique of the works of local artists, designers and students titled New Japaponism. By conveying the beauty of the tradition and authenticity of Japanese art and stimulating creativity, Bunkasai builds a unique space in which participants and visitors can discover a new life horizon and create a great bond.


The creators of Bunkasai are two Japanese: Kyoko Arahata, president of the ChibiWaru Foundation, which promotes Japanese culture and art among children, and Chie Piskorska, a lecturer at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and the owner of the MakiMaki brand - from Japan made in Poland. Together, it is implemented by Japanese culture lovers.

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