Chibi Hagoita & Ezogiku - January (1)

Chibi Hagoita & Ezogiku - January

Tsumami zaiku hairclip with an ume blossom

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January kanzashi are basically lucky charms, full of auspicious motifs to lure in luck for the coming year.

 Hagoita paddles drive away evil spirits.

Gold and red colours are believed to attract wealth and luck, ume (plum blossoms) represent a new beginning. Bamboo is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and health.

Each part of it is made by hand.

The main flower measure approx. 40mm. It is set on a silver-coloured double hairclip (brooch and hairclip).


~About my kanzashi~

Each kanzashi is made out of hand-folded petals, which are made from individual squares of high-quality fabrics. As with all items you see online, please be aware that due to your monitor settings colours may be displayed slightly differently.


Kanzashi should be kept it out of sunlight and dust, preferably in a jewellery box (if you own more than one kanzashi it's good to add a lavender sachet to the box). I do my best to make Wisteria Garden's kanzashi durable, but as with any delicate material, care should be taken when handling and storing your piece.


For Australia, Canada, and the USA please choose UPS for full tracking history.

Feel free to ask any further questions about this item or my workshop.

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